Custom Hair Tampa Bay owner Lori Younkman has a hair loss solution for men and women.

With each strand of hair that fell from Apollo Beach resident Jim Klein’s head a bit of his self-confidence fell with it.

“I started losing hair on the top of my head and it really made me look so much older than my actual age,” he said. “I hate hats and didn’t want to shave my head completely so needed a solution to my problem.”

One visit to Custom Hair Tampa Bay provided that solution.

Specializing in nonsurgical hair replacement solutions, a Custom Hair Tampa Bay staff member met with Klein one-on-one in a private consultation room. His head was measured, hair color and texture matched, a hair system created and he walked out of the salon with a full head of 100 percent human hair.

Klein couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I’ve got the hair I used to have,” he said. “It’s really increased my self-confidence.”

He returns to the store every three weeks to have his head shaved and to have the hairpiece cleaned, reconditioned and reattached. He purchases a new piece approximately four times a year.

Custom Hair Tampa Bay owner Lori Younkman said she has seen an increase in the number of male customers who have stopped shaving their heads and want hair again.

“They want to wake up in the morning with hair and we can offer them that,” she said.

Younkman’s hair solutions are attached with surgical-grade adhesive, which means they stay in place for four to six weeks.

“Wash it, swim with it, go on a roller coaster, you live your life and then come back to get it bonded again,” she said.

Younkman understands what it means for clients to have a full head of hair again. She is not only the owner but a client as well.

Founded in 1969, Custom Hair Tampa Bay will be celebrating its 50th year in business this year. It specializes in solving hair loss challenges for both men and women. Whether working with a client going through chemotherapy, helping a teenager deal with trichotillomania or helping to restore someone’s confidence after suffering for years with genetic hair loss, Custom Hair Tampa Bay has a solution.

Custom Hair Tampa Bay has three locations in Brandon, Tampa and Clearwater. Its Brandon store is located at 117 N. Kings Ave. across from Chuck’s Natural Fields Market.

For information, visit or call 651-9484.

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