Hillsborough Schools announces two new scholarships, worth a combined $9,000, in conjunction with the Florida Prepaid College Program. Visit http://bit.ly/EakinsScholarships for more information about the scholarships.

Superintendent Jeff Eakins’ ‘Future of STEM Scholarship’ is a two-year Florida College Plan worth $8,000. It is designed to encourage new teachers in areas with critical shortages. The scholarship will be awarded to a junior or senior student attending Hillsborough Schools who writes a 500-word essay about why they wish to become a teacher in a STEM subject.

Superintendent Jeff Eakins’ ‘Preparing Students For Life Scholarship’ is a Florida 529 Savings Plan worth $1,000. It aims to emphasize the importance of registering for school early. A parent or guardian who attends a Kindergarten Countdown event or begins the registration process to enter kindergarten by Tuesday, April 30 for the 2019-20 academic year is eligible. An eligible student’s name will be drawn at random.

“We are grateful for these scholarships from the Florida Prepaid College Program,” Eakins said. “With one scholarship for a student preparing for college and one scholarship for a student about to begin their time in school, this is the perfect way to recognize the entire spectrum of work we do at Hillsborough Schools.”

The Florida Prepaid College Program is providing these scholarships as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

“It is so exciting to have this new two-year scholarship for our future STEM teachers in Hillsborough County,” said Larry Plank, the district’s Director of K-12 STEM Education. “This is a valuable reward for one of our best and brightest students, who will inspire the top future students in these subjects.”

The kindergarten scholarship is designed to emphasize the importance of getting registered early for school, and to help a student entering their school years to be even more prepared for their future.

“We’re delighted to have this opportunity for our incoming students,” said Lisa Black, the Kindergarten Supervisor for Hillsborough Schools. “This also just reinforces how important it is for parents to have their children registered for kindergarten before the April 30 deadline.”

With a Florida Prepaid Plan, families can lock in future college costs and spread them out over many years. Families can spend less and their child’s college tuition will be waiting for them. Families can pick whichever Prepaid Plan makes sense for their budget.

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