Jennifer Dean Shares The Toothless Monster with her daughter, Cooper.

Most children are happy enough to receive a monetary reward from a famous fairy upon the loss of a tooth. However, what if your child was adamant in discovering what the tooth fairy does with all those baby teeth? Ryan and Jennifer Dean found themselves tackling this subject with their 3-year-old daughter, Cooper, who heard about the magical entity that would one day carry off her teeth.

An off-the-cuff response soon developed into a really cool story about being different and helping others. Ryan Dean said, “We came up with this by accident. I told Cooper the tooth fairy gives them to creatures that don’t have teeth and need them.”

While on vacation in Central America driving through the rainforest, the story took root and developed as Cooper asked more questions, and the Deans realized they had a great idea. The Toothless Monster follows the story of Monte who cannot participate in a yearly party to celebrate the ripening of a special fruit because he does not have any teeth. He meets the tooth fairy who agrees to help him if he is willing to earn what he is missing. In the process, he learns how to pay it forward to the other creatures in the jungle.

The Toothless Monster is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book that comes with your choice of Monte, a blue plushy, or his monster friend Meli, a purple plushy. It also comes with a set of 16 attachable teeth parents should keep hidden away and a tooth loss chart to record the date your child loses each tooth.

When your child loses a tooth, you place their real tooth in a secret tooth pouch in your plushy to await the tooth fairy’s arrival that night. Before bed, you read up to a certain point in the book before tucking your little one in. Overnight, ‘the tooth fairy’ will exchange the real tooth for a prize and you will secretly add a plastic tooth to Monte or Meli to ‘earn’ a tooth.

Children will awake to find not only a gift from the tooth fairy, but the surprise of their monster’s new tooth. Then, you can finish reading the story to find out how excited and thankful their monster is to earn a tooth. It is an amazing way to celebrate the loss of a tooth and learn about how important it is to overcome challenges and help others along the way.

To purchase your copy of The Toothless Monster along with your plushy and attachable teeth or learn more, visit or find it on Amazon. Email

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