The southeast corner of the property where AdventHealth is building a freestanding emergency room that will be open 24/7 and scheduled to open in early 2020.

By Brad Stager

Emergency medical care for an accident or illness is going to be more accessible to Brandon and nearby east Hillsborough County residents with the construction of a new, 18,000 sq. ft., freestanding emergency medical room by AdventHealth at 305 E. Brandon Blvd. The facility is expected to open in early 2020 and replaces a Florida Orthopaedic Institute clinic on the property.

Freestanding emergency rooms, or off-site emergency departments, are state-licensed medical facilities detached from but under the direction of a hospital, in this case AdventHealth Tampa in north Hillsborough County, about 30 minutes away. It is certified to provide the same level of care as a hospital-based emergency room and must be open 24 hours daily. Medical staff working in a freestanding ER are required to have the same qualifications as if they were working at an emergency room attached to a hospital.

According to Richelle HoenesAhearn, director of corporate communications for AdventHealth West Florida Division, the Brandon emergency department will be able to stabilize emergency patients and will have 12-24 beds available, with extended follow-up treatment just an ambulance ride away.

“If we had a patient come to the ER who needed to be admitted or transferred for in-patient care, they would go to AdventHealth Tampa.”

Hoenes-Ahern also said AdventHealth is committed to providing a high level of comprehensive emergency medical care.

“We are really heartfelt and passionate about looking at where our community needs more healthcare services, and we know there’s a lot of growth in Brandon, so we are very dedicated to making sure there are convenient, accessible, high-quality options for people there.”

Freestanding emergency rooms have become a trend in the local hospital industry. Existing facilities include St. Joseph’s Hospital-South Emergency Center in Riverview and TGH Emergency Center Brandon. AdventHealth is also constructing a freestanding ER in Carrollwood, and Brandon Regional Hospital, three minutes from AdventHealth’s new facility, has plans for a freestanding emergency room in Wesley Chapel.

AdventHealth Tampa hospital is located across the street from the University of South Florida, at 3100 E. Fletcher Ave.

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