Jenn Bethune is a local pet stylist and the owner of Jenn's Pup 'n Suds.

Dog owners naturally want their pets to be clean, happy and healthy, so they will want a pet stylist who gives such great compassion and care that dogs will wag their tails and want more. In Brandon, you can find Jenn’s Pup ‘n Suds, a pet salon that grooms dogs compassionately and skillfully.

Jenn Bethune, owner of the pet salon, has 14 years of experience in grooming dogs and has been taught at a grooming academy, educated others in the practice and she loves what she does.

“I really love being able to educate the pet parents on how to properly care for their pet,” said Bethune. After their grooming, she offers ‘spawgress’ reports tailored to each dog and tells their owners how to care for their them to ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible.

In the Spaw Package, every dog is given the great variety of treatments that they need—and none they do not—including personalized consultation with your stylist, moisturizing shampoo, ear cleaning and more. There are also standalone and add-on treatments for additional costs: Nail Pawlish, Nail Clipping & Filing, Flea Shampoo and DeShedding.

Since there are hundreds of different kinds of dogs, the cost and time of treatments depend on the dog being cared for.

“I always say that the two best things you can have as a pet stylist are patience and compassion with the dog, and I can usually get that dog to listen and behave and not bite within a couple visits just because I go really slow with them,” said Bethune.

She continued, “When I’m able to see that transformation of a dog coming in that was unwanted at every other salon because it was biting or just very aggressive or upset and that dog just comes running in my doors so excited after a few times, that is the best feeling in the world to me, to change a dog’s life.”

In the future, Bethune seeks to expand her pet salon, and she wants to open a pet styling academy where she will personally teach people how to groom pets.

Jenn’s Pup ‘n Suds is located at 1018 S Mt. Carmel Rd. in Brandon. For more information, call 438-5537 or visit and

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