Informed Delivery is a handy feature that lets you view incoming mail whenever and wherever you are through various devices.

Do you ever find yourself waiting for specific letters or packages to arrive? Want to make sure mail that should be arriving makes the journey home and has not been stolen or gone missing, or just want to keep track of your mail deliveries? Then the United States Postal Service (USPS) has a new feature that can prove a great help.

Informed Delivery® is a free feature that is perfect for previewing incoming mail whenever and wherever you are through your computer, tablet or mobile devices like phones. The feature boasts security and privacy, the ability to leave delivery instructions and schedule redelivery, package tracking and allowing users to view delivery statuses via emails, texts or their Informed Delivery dashboards. Updates on deliveries will come once a day, typically before 9 a.m. local time.

The feature works by having the fronts of letter-sized mail digitally imaged so users can see pictures of what is coming. Up to 10 of these images can be seen, and the remaining mail images can be viewed on users’ dashboards.

However, images of packages are not made, so Informed Delivery users are updated on package information through status updates via their dashboard, emails and/or text messages, depending on which they opt-in for. Package tracking information on Priority Mail® Priority Mail Express®, and other trackable parcels are included.

Some other types of mail, such as magazine and catalogues, also cannot be digitally imaged and so they will not be seen in Informer Delivery notifications. If these items are scanned, a message in notifications will inform users that they are being delivered.

This useful feature has already gained many users, currently numbering over 15 million, and almost 160 thousand users are added each week.

Informed Delivery works for mail sent to either homes or PO boxes, but those who have and wish to see mail for both must create separate personal accounts for each address.

To use the feature, read, print or download the How to Sign Up for Informed Delivery step-by-step guide at

To learn more about Informed Delivery, visit, and for more detailed information and questions, check the FAQs page linked in the URL above.

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