Commissioner Sandra Murman of District 1.

Do you know what the Hillsborough Board of County Commission (BOCC) does and who the Commissioners are? In this article, we will explain what the BOCC does, introduce you to the seven County Commissioners and let you know how you can contact them. The seven County Commissioners are there to serve the residents of Hillsborough County.

The Hillsborough County BOCC oversees the county and creates policy which provides a plan for the County Administrator to implement. In other words, the Hillsborough County BOCC is like a Board of Directors for a company. They are responsible for overseeing the county budget (your tax dollars), managing growth, land use and infrastructure. They are also responsible for every day issues such as garbage, street lights and filling potholes.

As part of their duties, the seven County Commissioners sit on various boards and Advisory Committees such as the Hospital Authority, Tampa Sports Authority, Expressway Authority, Visit Tampa Bay, Florida Aquarium, Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Environmental Protection Commission and Southwest Florida Water Management.

Commissioner Sandra Murman represents District 1 which covers West Hillsborough County from Ruskin to Keystone. Her Legislative Aides are Della Curry and Jeffrey Huggins (272-5470).

“As a longtime resident of Hillsborough County, I focus on economic development, creating jobs, transportation, ending homelessness and fighting the opioid crisis locally. I also focus on tackling human trafficking through awareness and education, addressing mental health issues through a successful Jail Diversion Program; and providing high quality critical children’s service,” said Commissioner Murman.

Commissioner Ken Hagan of District 2.

District 2, which covers Citrus Park, Lutz and parts of North Brandon, is represented by Ken Hagan. He is a native of Hillsborough County He has served on the BOCC since 2002 and has represented several districts during that time.

Commissioner Hagan’s Legislative Aides are Eric Denney and Richard Reidy (272-5452).

Commissioner Les Miller of District 3.

Lesley ‘Les’ Miller Jr. is the County Commissioner for District 3. Commissioner Miller is the Chairman of the BOCC. District 3 covers most of Tampa. He was elected to the BOCC in 2010. Prior to that, he had a long and distinguished career in the Florida Senate from 2000 to 2006 and the Florida House of Representatives from 1992 to 2000.

Commissioner Miller’s Legislative Aides are Alphanette Jenkins and Larry A. Williams (272-5720).

Commissioner Stacy White of District 4.

District 4 touches Pasco County to the north, Polk County to the east and Manatee County to the south. District 4 is represented by Commissioner Stacy White.

Commissioner White said, “While I live in Valrico, I was raised in Wimauma as a fifth-generation Floridian. I want to protect and preserve the East Hillsborough lifestyle.” Commissioner White added, “Being a County Commissioner, you are at the level of government closest to the people and work on issues that can have immediate effects on the lives of your constituents.”

Commissioner White’s Legislative Aides are Megan Nixon and David Garcia (272-5740).

Districts 5, 6 and 7 are Countywide Districts which means that these three Commissioners represent every resident and every corner of Hillsborough County.

Commissioner Mariella Smith of District 5.

District 5 is represented by Mariella Smith. She has been a community advocate for decades working on community plans, transportation plans, growth management and environmental protection throughout the county. Smith is a fourth-generation native of Tampa. She lives in Ruskin. As an avid cyclist, Commissioner Smith is working to get a paved trail—the South Coast Greenway Trail—built through South County.

Commissioner Smith said, “I will always put the interests of our communities and citizens first.”

Commissioner Smith’s Legislative Aides are Amanda Brown and David Yunk (272-5725).

Commissioner Pat Kemp of District 6.

District 6 is represented by Pat Kemp, the Vice Chair for the BOCC. Commissioner Kemp said, “I focus on land use, transportation and sustainability. In addition to serving as Vice Chair, I am the Chair of the Environmental Protection Commission.” Commissioner Kemp added, “I am a huge supporter of the Ferry System to connect South County to MacDill Air Force Base, downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg.”

Commissioner Kemp’s Legislative Aides are Laura Lawson and Raquel Valdez (272-5730).

Commissioner Kimberly Overman of District 7.

District 7 is represented by Kimberly Overman. Commissioner Overman focuses on transit, homelessness, juvenile justice and affordable housing. “I focus on these issues so that people can get around the county safely. As a Financial Planner, I have experience in giving advice that helps people make good decisions to take care of their lives.”

As the County Liason to MacDill Air Force Base, Commissioner Overman is committed to seeing the Ferry System get implemented as it will help people who live and work in the county and at MacDill. Commissioner Overman’s Legislative Aides are Maya Brown and Monica Petrella (272-5735). For information, visit

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