Agnes Miklus blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

By Jasmine Haroun

It is hard to imagine a time when a gallon of gas cost one cent per gallon, a loaf of bread only 7 cents, where TV had not been invented yet or when women were only just given the right to vote. Agnes Miklus remembers it all, seeing how she was born 100 years ago, June 12, 1919, in Bridgeport, CT.

Miklus celebrated her 100th birthday at the Bloomingdale Adult Day Center, where she was surrounded by her friends, family and caretakers. Even at 100 years, Miklus is still very lively at heart and she can walk, talk and still joke around a bit.

“I’m still hanging around because God doesn’t have room for me yet,” said Miklus at her birthday party.

At first, Miklus did not even want a party.

“I didn’t figure I needed a party. I’m no child…that’s for sure,” she said with a laugh, “but they wanted to give me a party and I said, ‘Oh okay.’”

The party was thrown by her son and her granddaughters with the help of everyone at the Day Center. There were speeches, pictures, cake and even a piñata.

“God has been very good to me and I’m very grateful to have such friends and real friends. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful,” Miklus said before the festivities began.

During her young adult years, she did not go to a university, but she became the manager of a bank. She was married to John Miklus for 56 years and had one son also named John Miklus. She was also blessed with two grandchildren, Michelle Miklus and Giselle Hollister. At age 73, she moved to Brandon and has lived here ever since.

Miklus has lived to see and experience many things throughout these past 100 years; out of all of them, she recalls her favorite memory being Christmas time when all of her family gathers together.

Miklus’ party was special enough; however, she was not the oldest one to still grace the halls of the Adult Day Center party that day. John Miller will be 103 in August while Iva Bell will be 108 in September.

According to all three of them, they truly enjoy coming to the Bloomingdale Adult Day Center, saying, “Everybody is right there to help each other.”

Miklus included one last thing—her secret to longevity. She believes that it is due to her faith and so she gave some advice for future generations: “Have a little more patience in faith.”

For more information on the Adult Day Center visit or call 330-7964. It is located at 3940 Canoga Park Dr. in Brandon.

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