Tim Tebow Celebrates 32nd Birthday With Goal To Fund 150 Life-Changing Surgeries At The Tebow CURE Hospital

In celebration of his 32nd birthday on August 14, Tim Tebow decided to forgo well-wishes and gifts in order to change the lives of less fortunate children in the Philippines.

The idea first came to Tebow in 2018 when he first launched his 31 for 31 campaign in celebration of his 31st birthday, intending to fund 31 life-changing surgeries. The fundraiser blew past its goal and raised more than $123,000, of which 100 percent went directly to the Tebow CURE Hospital. The funds helped provide care for children who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Tebow and his foundation decided to up the ante in 2019.

The Tebow CURE Hospital was built on the foundation of the great partnership between the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International. Since opening in December 2014, there have been more than 17,000 patient visits, 3,300 surgeries and 4,000 faith expressions.

Children arrive at the Tebow CURE Hospital, which specializes in orthopedic surgeries for conditions like cleft lip, clubfoot, bowed legs, untreated burns and hydrocephalus. When the children leave, they are not only healed physically but spiritually as well.

For more information about CURE International, visit www.cure.org.

A Christian Rapper Has The No. 1-Selling Album On Billboard

NF, a Christian rapper who has recorded songs with Toby Mac and Flame, has the top-selling album in the United States, according to Billboard last month.

NF’s new album, The Search, grabbed the No. 1 spot, edging out Of Monsters and Men, Chance the Rapper, the Grateful Dead and Justin Moore. NF’s songs are free from the coarse language that litters much rap music. The Christian label Capitol Christian Music Group (CMG) released two of his first three albums.

“I’m a Christian, but I’m just an artist,” said NF. “To me, it’s like if you’re a Christian and you’re a plumber, are you a Christian plumber? That’s the easiest way for me to explain it.”

NF, whose real name is Nathan John Feuerstein, has drawn comparisons to the rapper Eminem, who he credits with influencing his style. NF rapped on Christian artist Toby Mac’s song, Till the Day I Die. NF also rapped with Christian artist Flame on his song, Start Over.

For more information, visit www.nfrealmusic.com.

Mister Rogers’ Life Was A Perfect Example Of Faith In Action

The shift corresponded with the release of the first trailer of Sony Pictures’ A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a biopic about Fred Rogers, one of the most beloved entertainment icons in America and host of the children’s TV series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

A native of Pennsylvania, Rogers—played by actor Tom Hanks in the forthcoming film—died in 2003. But his legacy of kindness has long surpassed him. Rogers was not just benevolent for benevolence’s sake, his commitment to goodwill likely originated from his faith.

Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister and was committed to treating those around him with God’s love. Throughout his career, Rogers did not often specifically reference his faith, but during an interview many years ago with Charlie Rose, Rogers credited Jesus for his commitment to reaching children. His was a ministry of benevolence, and it is still alive and well today.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood hits theaters on Friday, November 22. For more information, visit www.abeautifulday.movie.

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