Susan Bonagura and Katerina Rosenberg host pop up shops throughout the area to promote the apparel line they began after Bonagura’s breast cancer diagnosis.

By Karin Davis-Thompson

Katerina Rosenberg and Susan Bonagura are true examples of the saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” When Bonagura was diagnosed with breast cancer and began chemotherapy, she found that many undergarments, especially bras, no longer met her needs.

“The bras on the market felt rough and irritated my skin,” she said. “It was a necessity for me, but I couldn’t find anything. It was hard.”

After sharing her frustration with her friend, Rosenberg, the two came up with an idea—to make adaptive clothing that meets the needs of women trying to lead normal lives while battling cancer.

“I had the manufacturing background, and we became an LLC in September of last year,” Rosenberg said.

They started with bras and looked for materials that were soft and comfortable. After making a prototype and talking with other women having the same struggle, the two realized they were on to something.

They started Pink Lift and worked with prosthetic specialists to make sure their bras were comfortable and suitable for women enduring chemotherapy and those who have had a mastectomy and use prosthetics.

Today, the duo has created 21 styles. Nineteen of those styles include an insert that allows the use of a prosthetic. The bras are covered by several insurance carriers, and they are even using overlays over the base of the garment to vary the style and look without compromising comfort.

The bras are made without underwire and clasps and are designed to stay on the shoulders without the need to adjust the strap. Sizes range from extra small to 4XL. Most users would purchase the same size for the bra as they do for their clothing.

Bonagura said the response to the product has been inspiring and exciting. Along with online purchases, Pink Lift is set to become a preferred vendor with Moffitt Cancer Center. A hospital in Atlanta is also reviewing Pink Lift and considering a partnership.

“This journey has been amazing,” Bonagura said. “We are also talking with a few boutiques and may begin selling the bras in stores in October.”

To learn more about the company or to make a purchase online, visit

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