Mr. Misciasci has been a teacher for 17 years.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
In high school I realized that I really enjoyed explaining concepts to other students who were struggling in my math classes. Helping others learn new ideas and overcome concepts they struggle with gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

What is a goal of yours as a teacher?
I try to always be approachable and available to help my students when needed. I also hope to help them become more self-reliant to work through problems so they are prepared to succeed in the future. I also try my best to make learning fun and interesting, to find topics that will motivate the kids to explore concepts and ideas on their own.

What is a hidden talent that students don’t know about you?
I can read books very quickly. And I never hiccup more than twice in a row.

What is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book would be Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. My father was in the military so I always found war movies fascinating. I also hated reading until I read this book and it ignited a passion for reading that I have to this day.

What is your favorite meal in your school cafeteria?
The popcorn chicken bowl.

How do you show your school spirit?
I do my best to attend at least one home game of every sport to support the school and my students who participate in those sports. Plus I wear Newsome stuff all the time!

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