As someone who spent two decades as a teacher and my entire adult life leading small groups, I have a lot of interest in the learning process. I am convinced more than ever that a lifelong education is the key to real freedom. I also believe it is important to give people the tools with which to discover knowledge.

What we need is more searching for wisdom. Christmas may be in the rearview mirror by now, but our world is suffering for want of Magi. We could use another visit from the Wise Men, along with some Wise Women too.

Many people have become disenchanted with trite and convenient answers, surface-level thinking and the unwillingness to engage hard questions that is too often associated with Christianity. To them I would say, “Remember the Magi.” Any honest journey toward knowledge will always lead back to Jesus, because while Jesus is very much ‘The Answer,’ he is not an easy answer so much as he is ‘The Way.’

After they found Jesus the Wise travelers “left by another route.” But I can guarantee this, they took the Savior with them. Jesus became their companion on the ongoing journey, both of faith and wandering the desert.

Likewise, rather than being afraid of questions we can’t easily answer, it’s important to wrestle with them regardless. Because life is more far reaching than the limits of our reason, and Jesus tends to ask more questions than he answers.

But we do have a guide for the journey. Some people take a more circuitous route to find the child in the manger than others, but all authentic questions will eventually lead us to follow the star and to find the Savior.

No matter where we are today, Jesus will respond positively to our invitation to join the pilgrimage as companion and guide. Our world is suffering for want of Magi, and if we are wise then we will still seek and continue to follow the star, all the way to Easter and the Risen Lord.

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Derek Maul
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