Dear fellow community members,

With much gratitude honor and pride, I have learned very much during my scholastic journey at Strawberry Crest due to the kindness, thoughtfulness and perseverance of our dedicated teachers as they imparted knowledge, life lessons and provided the nourishment that made my mind fertile to grow the skills I would need in the future for the pursuit of the acquisition of knowledge.

Our teachers provided wholesome ambience conducive to learning book knowledge and social skills that has fermented and matured my mind to better understanding humanity and its complex shapes, forms and nuances. I am so fortunate to be in a country with ability, stability and opportunity, through which I was chosen to attend Harvard Summer School at 16 in my junior year.

Plus, I was triple enrolled at FLVS, HCC and USF. My GPA will be in the high 9 after all grades are calculated, which will set the base camp at the foothills to scale the challenges of life so that I can reach any summit that I will aspire to. Volunteering at Moffitt Cancer Center and Feeding America allowed me to give back to our wonderful community.

Remember as Polonius—a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet—concluded: be true to yourself and, as night follows day, you will not be false to anyone. To my fellow graduates, this is our annus mirabilis, a Latin phrase which means “our wonderful, miraculous and amazing year.”

Brindha Iyer
Strawberry Crest High School
Class of 2020

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