A calf at Wilkinson Cattle Co.

Anyone wanting to get their beef in bulk and help out local businesses in this trying time of quarantine should take a look at Wilkinson Cattle Co., which sells live steers that are processed for high-quality beef after the purchase.

The farm prides itself on raising its cattle humanely and naturally as well as providing buyers with custom purchases, meaning they can purchase a steer in portions as small as a quarter and decide how their portions are processed.

Wilkinson Cattle Co.’s standards of steer readiness and raising are such that, if, for instance, a steer hasn’t reached its weight goal, the farm will put that steer on hold until it’s ready. All the steers are raised at its farm and most of the steers are born there, so it knows everything about them.

All that combined means quality beef is assured and a priority. Also, those purchasing a steer will not see a picture of that steer, since many don’t want to. Of course, people are welcome to visit the farm, see the animals and learn about the whole process.

What’s more, Wilkinson Cattle Co. is based in Plant City and it processes its steers through a local, USDA-inspected butcher, so the entire operation is local, customers will be helping two businesses and they’ll know where the beef comes from.

“I’m very much about the humane life of these animals as well as the processing. From the moment they’re in my hands and then the moment they’re handed off to the processor, I want them to be handled in the correct way,” said Charlotte Wilkinson.

She cares a lot for her animals, so she earned a Beef Quality Assurance certification and took classes at the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences to ensure that she’s doing everything she can to raise them to the best of her ability. It’s important to her that the steers are happy, healthy and naturally raised, so things like growth hormones aren’t used.

As steers need time to grow to the farm’s standards, customers must contact the farm and get their names on steers ahead of time. The prices for a quarter of a steer and half of one depend on the weight of it and includes processing the steer, so contact Wilkinson Cattle Co. to find out how much your steer portion and processing will cost.

For more information, see updates and to get your name on a steer to fill your freezer, contact Wilkinson Cattle Co. through its Facebook page at facebook.com/Wilkinson-Cattle-Co102938997956253.

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