Jennifer Osterling, also known as the Dakin Milk Maid, visited small businesses throughout the area last month with her milk truck, selling farm fresh milk to residents.

There isn’t much better than farm fresh milk, and Dakin Dairy Farms, located in Myakka City, used the tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring milk to Brandon area residents in a creative way.

Like many other businesses, Dakin Dairy Farms felt the effects of the pandemic and had to adapt its business model.

According to Owner Jerry Dakin, the low point of the last few months was when the farm had to dump 6,000 gallons per tanker of raw milk a week because the cost to produce without demand for purchase was too high. This hardship led to Dakin Dairy Farms implementing new ways to get their products into more homes in different communities.

“We are a family-owned farm committed to providing consumers with the freshest, grass-fed, local milk at the highest quality as the cows remain here onsite,” Dakin said.

Last month, Dakin Dairy Farms employee Jennifer Osterling, also known as the Dakin Milk Maid, presented Dakin with the idea of setting up pop-up milk shops throughout the area. Her goal was to unite small businesses and farmers and to make it easier for residents to purchase fresh milk. Dakin provided Osterling with a milk maid truck and scheduled pop-up sales at small businesses throughout the area.

During the popups, customers are able to purchase fresh whole, two percent, one percent and fat-free milk for $2.50 a gallon, chocolate milk for $6 a gallon and much more. The milk maid truck operates from Tuesday through Saturday at various locations and accepts cash, debit and credit cards. To learn more about the pop-up times and locations, check out the Dakin Family Farms Facebook page.

Residents are also invited to visit the Farm Market, where they can buy milk, cheese and more. Cream is also available in gallons for $5.

“We are proud to have the Dakin Milk Maid on our team and feel grateful for all of the community’s support,” Dakin said.

For more information, visit The dairy is located at 30771 Betts Rd. in Myakka City. Hours of operation for the Farm Market are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Call 941-322-2802 to learn more.

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