A volunteer posing with newly decorated room.

By Dominique Asher

Home Makers of Hope, a local charity and faith-based ministry which aims to provide furniture and household items for those struggling or returning from homelessness, is reopening its warehouse after a hiatus due to the coronavirus and is starting to get back to providing families with items.

Pam Stamey, president and founder of Home Makers of Hope, started with the idea for Home Makers of Hope after working on a church project in which a family of five needed three twins beds, and after seeing their empty apartment, she wanted to help them cultivate a family space and home.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, for the first time in 12 years, Stamey had to shut down the doors to Home Makers of Hope on March 12, with around 80 plus families and people awaiting donations of goods. However, the ministry is now slowly reopening and continuing with business while taking precautions. The loss of jobs and businesses closing left many struggling and displaced.

Stamey claimed, “We are even starting a Saturday team so we can try to keep up with the additional referrals. We expect to see the list explode once we open it back up.”

Currently, Home Makers of Hope is having a queen-size sheet drive where anyone can help donate used or, if they are able to, new queen-size sheets to Home Makers of Hope. The increasing demand for twin and queen-size beds has made them the most common item delivered; however, there are zero queen-size sheets in the warehouse to be delivered with the beds right now, so that item is the biggest necessity.

Over the past year, the ministry has expanded after winning the Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hero Award, in which it was awarded with a large donation of furniture from Innisbrook Resort and was able to repair their trucks and increase the amount given to each family by a third.

A great volunteer experience, those over the age of 16 can help drive the trucks, organize the warehouse, choose decor and help set up homes.

Stamey expressed, “It is very important to show the utmost respect to our families and fellow volunteers. We also have many volunteers that are retired and spend their extra tunes and talents to help families all over the country.”

If you are interested in learning more, donating or volunteering with Home Makers of Hope, go to http://www.homemakersofhope.com/.

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