Adam Hattersley is running for Congress in District 15.

As a former naval officer and Iraq war veteran and now a state representative, Adam Hattersley’s life has been about service.

“I joined the Navy after college, just three weeks before September 11, 2001,” he said. “I served on a nuclear-powered submarine and taught electrical engineering at the Naval Academy. Then, I volunteered to fight in Iraq during the height of the war.”

After the military, Hattersley and his wife moved to Riverview, where they built their American dream—a house, a cute dog and a small business. But he missed being part of something bigger than himself.

“Then something unexpected happened,” said Hattersley. “In 2018, I was asked to run for Florida State House. There was an extreme politician running, and no Democrat had entered the race.”

He added, “Entering politics had never crossed my mind. At the time, I didn’t even know who my state representative was! But my wife and I decided to be part of the solution, so I filed to run.”

After being told that the seat was solidly Republican, and that he would lose handily, Hattersley surprised everyone on Election Day when he became the first Democrat to represent Florida’s 59th district.

“In the Florida Legislature, I’ve worked across the aisle to pass legislation to help veterans, firefighters and teachers. I’ve engaged with many of you through our town halls and through our legislative office,” he said. “I’m thankful this community has entrusted me with this responsibility.”

He added, “In 2018, I ran for office to stand up to a bad politician who didn’t reflect our values. Now, I’m running for Congress for the same reason. Congressman Ross Spano is the only member of Congress under criminal investigation. He admitted to breaking campaign finance law to win. He also denies climate change, opposes equal rights and sought to repeal pre-existing conditions protections for Floridians. We deserve a congressman who serves with honor and integrity. That’s why I’m running: just as I served in the Navy, in Iraq and in the Florida House, my mission is to be a true public servant for our district.”

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