Local Realtor and Business Owner Corey Gomis also makes and designs leather goods.

By Gwen Rollings

Corey Gomis must believe that variety is the spice of life as he is multi-talented in many areas of his business and hobby ventures. In 1995, this Tampa native and his wife started Brandon Electric and grew it to a successful electrical service company with over 30 employees.

Then four years ago, he decided to get his real estate license. His initial interest in real estate investments soon increased into assistance for friends and family with their real estate concerns.

Corey enjoyed the real estate business so much that when an opportunity came to sell Brandon Electric, he took it.

He said, “This allowed me to focus on real estate full-time, and I haven’t looked back. I completely enjoy the real estate business.”

Working with The Realty Group, Corey finds it gratifying helping people sell or buy homes. He admits that it takes exceptional communication skills in order to provide exceptional service for his clients.

“I have learned through the years to listen very carefully to what the customer is saying. I ask as many questions as possible to get a complete understanding about what the customer really wants,” he said.

Once Corey has clarified the wants and needs of clients, he consistently guides them through the entire process so they can take advantage of every opportunity and benefit from his experience and expertise. His attention to detail is especially important during the COVID-19 implications of recent months.

His ‘spice of life’ philosophy also extends to his hobbies. Corey’s father tooled and made things out of leather. More than 25 years after his father’s death, Corey received his father’s leather materials. He decided to look through them and said about them, “There were some how-to books, so I started playing around and realized I really enjoyed creating and designing different leather items.”

Corey started a side business, Pop’s Custom Leather, where he designs and makes hand bags, satchels, backpacks, journals and much more.

He said, “What’s great is that it gives me another avenue to meet people and introduce myself and my real estate business.”

Although previously sold at craft fairs and farmers’ markets, the attention to detail of his leather goods speak for itself through word of mouth, as do the many referrals he receives from his satisfied real estate clients.

You can contact Corey in a variety of ways: in person at The Realty Group in Riverview, calling 368-9506 or emailing yourrealtorcorey@gmail.com.

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