A photo of Karinna Laneé from a recent photoshoot.

By Dominique Asher

Karinna Laneé, a local teen going into 11th grade at Blake High School, dropped her original song, “Glass Box,” which came out worldwide on July 17.

After feeling trapped by the social norms of high school and overwhelmed trying to fit into the crowd, Laneé took to paper, writing “Glass Box” in just a couple of hours. Laneé wanted to convey the feeling of not being able to express oneself and being confined by the opinions of others.

Yadira Talamantez, Laneé’s mother, expressed, “When Karinna is feeling emotional, she writes songs in her journal to help. She’s probably written lots of songs in there so far.”

By working together with ME Talent Consulting and putting on a performance called Music Matters, Laneé was able to perform the song for her community, which gained her recognition. Thanks to donations made by the community through the Music Matters performance, Laneé could not only record her song, but film a music video too.

Laneé knew she wanted a simple music video in nature, with just her, so she worked with Nathan Mitchell, a videographer, to film the music video in the forests and wooded areas around her house.

At first, Laneé was nervous to release the song, worried about the feedback and judgements made by those at her school. However, the original song had positive responses and Laneé’s friends liked and reposted her song, even singing along to it and reaching out for merchandise.

Laneé said, “It’s crazy, I never thought I’d be able to put out my own music. It’s really awesome to see something you worked so hard for out for the public to listen to.”

This is actually Laneé’s second original song out. When she was only 13, she came out with her first original song, “Blurry”; however, “Glass Box” is her first professionally recorded and produced song.

To learn more, keep updated with new music and merch or follow along with Laneé’s music career, follow her Instagram and Twitter pages @karinnalanee and her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Karinna-Lanee-1901273606813381/.

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