Eagle Scout Jackson Bradford recently donated his time to help expand the office space at ECHO’s Brandon office.

By Kye Saunders

Emergency Help and Care Organization, also known as ECHO, has received help from local Eagle Scout Jackson Bradford to transform what once was an underutilized kid’s play space into a much more accommodating office for potential ECHO employees.

ECHO’s primary location off Parsons Ave. is home to one of Brandon’s most visited food banks.

With more than 180,000 pounds of food distributed and over 15,521 members of our community served, according to its website www.echofl.org, what keeps the ball rolling are the people behind the movement.

These people, composed of an intimate staff and a large volunteer base, are in desperate need for office space.

That’s when Bradford stepped in to step up.

As a member of the Boy Scouts, Bradford has set his sights high on achieving the Scouts’ highest rank: the Eagle Award.

Becoming an Eagle Scout takes hard work, compassion and vision.

The requirements for earning the Eagle Award not only include Eagle Scout merit badges as well as leadership challenges, but the toughest test of all is the Eagle Scout Service Project.
In order to earn the status of Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts like Bradford must complete a service project that directly contributes to their community.

According to the Eagle Scout Service Project workbook, the project can be anything. “It might be a construction, conservation, or remodeling project, or it could be the presentation of an event with a worthwhile purpose,” it states.

What once was an abandoned play space for children of ECHO’s client base is now, with help from Bradford, a secluded area for future ECHO staff members to spread out and get to work.

When asked about what this space means for ECHO, staff member Myriam Lugo responded, “We are so grateful for the work that Jackson has done for us. This space will help us continue to grow as we expand our team with another permit position.”

If you or someone in your family are a member of the Boy Scouts and would like to volunteer your time like Bradford at ECHO, please contact Myriam Lugo at myriam@echofl.org.

There are always larger scale volunteer opportunities perfect for an Eagle Scout not just at ECHO’s main location but at ECHO Boutique and its Riverview campus as well.

Stay connected with ECHO through social media at ECHO of Brandon on Facebook or visit www.echofl.org.

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