Celebrate both Halloween and the arts by participating in Winthrop Arts’ Pallet-O-Ween.

Winthrop Arts, a nonprofit arts organization located in Riverview, has planned a fun and unique fall fundraiser called Pallet-O-Ween. Businesses, organizations, neighborhoods, families and friends can participate by creating fun or spooky Halloween-themed pieces of art using recycled pallets.

The art pieces will be on display at the Art Factory, Winthrop Arts’ art studio, from Saturday, October 17 until after Halloween.

The Art Factory is located at 11267 Winthrop Main St. in Riverview. Each pallet art piece will feature the sponsor’s logo or name. In addition to being on display for several weeks, Winthrop Arts will actively promote the sponsors on its website and social media pages.

The community will be invited to take a tour of the pallets and cast their ‘votes’ for their favorites. All proceeds from the event will benefit Winthrop Arts and its arts programming.

Paul Kaman, vice president of the Winthrop Arts Board of Visionaries, said, “Pallet-O-Ween is another effort to educate the community to different mediums of art. We are reusing/recycling pallets as the basis for the Halloween art. This is a good example of Winthrop Arts demonstrating by example that art and using recycled items can be fun.”

Participants will have three levels of sponsorship to choose from, beginning with $125 level all the way to $500, which gets you a completely created work of art. Winthrop Arts will provide the basics, such as the pallets and paint. Participants provide the embellishments.

Winthrop Arts will also offer time in the Art Factory for businesses and organizations to send groups to create their artwork. Winthrop Arts strictly adheres to all CDC and Hillsborough County COVID-19 guidelines, so masks and social distancing are required.

Winthrop Arts has worked hard to be innovative and creative during this difficult time. Pallet-O-Ween is another example of the ways it is trying to bring art to the community while raising awareness of the organization and funding for its programming.

Winthrop Arts was formed in September 2015. It offers art classes for children, teens and adults at the Art Factory. In addition, the Mobile Art Factory, which provides free art classes to underserved youth in Southern and Eastern Hillsborough County, has been operating since February 2018.

For more information on Winthrop Arts and to participate in Pallet-O-Ween, please visit www.winthroparts.org or call 758-5161.

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