Scot Hill of Riverview recently created a line of holistically focused dog treats called Woof Creek.

Scot Hill of Riverview has been a chef for more than 30 years and a dog lover since he was a child.

“I’m an Alabama boy, born and raised,” Hill said. “I love the warmth of Southern cooking, but then, having lived in Portland, Atlanta, St. Croix, Tennessee then to Tampa Bay and having travelled the world over, I have an immense love for making all flavors and cuisines.”

He also loves growing his own herbs and vegetables, and now keeps his own chickens for their fresh eggs.

“I’m fascinated with all of nature and am always looking to infuse my garden’s awesome bounty into our diets,” he said. “Nourishing my family, both my human and pupper children, is one of my very favorite things.”

Hill recently created Woof Creek, a line of holistically focused dog treats. His new venture sprung from the grey clouds of COVID-19, which caused his restaurant’s closure this past March.

“When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and my cafe and catering business in downtown Tampa closed its doors, I went downright stir crazy,” Hill said. “I had to get busy, get building something, I just had to take control of this crazy, out-of-control situation.”

When thinking about the future, Hill had an epiphany.

“Analyzing things, I thought, what I truly love is to create and to delight my loyal foodie patrons, which is not possible right now and for the foreseeable future. And while I enjoy nourishing my two teenagers, well, it’s just not the same,” he said. “The light bulb came on when I looked down at my feet; my spoodle (standard poodle) pupper, Lily Lou, awaiting a peanut butter and bacon pupper-biscotti I’d just taken out of the oven. I’ve been making my dogs custom cookies, supplement bone broths and food toppers for all my adult years for fun, for home healing if they had an ailment or just for their longevity and energy levels.”

Woof Creek is much more than a bag of treats.

“Woof Creek is a part of every dog’s everyday wellness,” Hill said. “Our holistic approach sets us apart from other brands. I believe that our pets are much more than the sum of their parts. That’s why I craft our treats to be low-calorie and power-packed with natural, nutritious ingredients. And yes, of course they are irresistible to our barking BFFs.”

To learn more about Woof Creek, you can visit or call Hill at 703-WOOF (9663).

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