Who would have thought a year ago we could have anticipated that within two months, our world would be shaken by a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen? As COVID-19 precautions and regulations were put into place, we, the Osprey Observer, an essential business as a media outlet, would need to pivot our business model and react to the new quarantine restrictions.

Fortunately, as a locally owned business for more than 19 years with an incredible team, we made adjustments and sent our team home to work remotely, we continue to do our staff and sales meetings via our new best friend Zoom, we do digital newspaper proofs rather than printed versions and we’ve streamlined our processes to be more efficient.

Luckily, due to the skill level and experience of our team, we haven’t missed a single deadline or edition all year. As our small businesses recover from the effects of 12 weeks of closure and continued new precautionary measures, we are right beside them to support them. We also added a ‘Living In COVID’ section where we highlight stories of hope.

And, again this holiday season, we did our annual ‘Our Favorite Things Holiday Sweepstakes’ with prizes from over 28 local businesses, and boy, did that put us in the holiday spirit! Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to the businesses who supported us in this campaign and throughout the year. The Osprey Observer is one hundred percent supported by local advertising and readers like you.

Please reach out to me anytime, we appreciate you.


Marie Gilmore
Managing Editor, Publisher

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Marie Gilmore
Marie is the Managing Editor at the Osprey Observer. She covers news, transportation, education and likes to make a positive impact on the community and be 'in the know'!