It’s Official! The Jubilee Gymnastics logo is up on the new building.

By Hayley Fedor

Starting off the new year on the right foot, Jubilee Gymnastics is moving to a new, bigger, more accommodating location in Ruskin eight years after the opening of the business in 2013. The owner, Marybeth Wang, who is an entrepreneur at heart, began teaching in-home gymnastics at the age of 18.

This passion of hers led to the opening of the first Jubilee Gymnastics gym in Ruskin which originally worked with preschoolers only. Over the years, Jubilee Gymnastics has grown significantly and expanded to teaching and coaching children from infants to teenagers.

With the mission of being “the most family friendly, quality facility in the SouthShore area,” as said by Wang, the gym will be relocating to a larger space that will more comfortably suit the needs of the Jubilee Gymnastics families.

Previously, “when we worked on the high beams you could touch the ceiling,” said Wang.

The new building will feature high ceilings offering plenty of room for the talented students of Jubilee Gymnastics to practice with ease. Additionally, having the new larger space will allow the gym staff to spread out the classes and activities in the gym and even stagger class times to ensure safer procedures during the pandemic.

Some of the programs at Jubilee Gymnastics include dance, rhythmic gymnastics and tumbling. One of the biggest and most unique programs for ages 4 and up is its Ninja-Fit program. These classes allow students to develop strength and agility through a foundation in tumbling, swinging, obstacle training and balance.

While the distinctive, one of a kind classes provided by Jubilee Gymnastics sets them apart from other gyms, the real gems of the organization are the staff that work there.

“Our staff are characterized by being nurturing, patient and passionate about what they do, giving their best for every child and finding their work equally rewarding,” said Wang.

In the new location, the staff of Jubilee Gymnastics plan to continue and even better aid children with personal development skills and confidence through the program it offers.

To find out more information about Jubilee Gymnastics and the opening of the new location, visit the company website at or email

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