Canine Cabana Owners Angie Pickren and Kendall Duncan have over 30 years of experience in animal care and behavior.

Since 2008, Canine Cabana has been the premier doggy daycare, lodging and training facility serving all of Brandon and Riverview. Now, Canine Cabana is proud to announce it is the one-stop shop for all your dog’s grooming needs.

The owners, Angie Pickren and Kendall Duncan, have over 30 years of experience in animal care and behavior. They met as zookeepers at Busch Gardens, and their love of animals is evident throughout their family-owned business.

Pickren said, “We wanted to bring a service the community needed.”

Dogs are family, and choosing with whom you entrust a son, daughter, brother or sister is vital. For that reason, the staff treats your pets like a part of the family whether they spend a day or a week at Canine Cabana. A big part of that promise is the effort Pickren and Duncan put into training their staff to be the most loving, professional team in the area.

“We are committed to working with and training local young adults so they become amazing teammates ready for long-term goals,” Pickren explained.

Now having grown up in the business, Pickren’s daughter, Olivia Frazier, joins the staff as a certified groom technician, along with longtime technician Gabby Veloso. Apart from running a luxurious doggy spa inside the facility, Frazier and Veloso specialize in the medical aspect of dog grooming. They recognize and treat skin conditions, appropriately catering their techniques to specific breeds and individual differences.

Canine Cabana is committed to using only the highest quality products for all grooming and bathing services, and it offers healthier skin and coat treatments as well as a shed control treatment.

Did you buy a pandemic puppy? Does your dog lack manners? Canine Cabana also specializes in training dogs and their owners with positive, rewards-based techniques. It also provides group training, puppy socialization and individual training. When it comes to daycare and lodging, it has a large climate-controlled indoor play area and over a half-acre for outdoor play.

In the next year, Canine Cabana will undergo some exciting expansion to offer even more resort-style amenities. If you stop by for a tour, you will be impressed, but unfortunately, it only keeps dogs, not children or spouses.

Canine Cabana offers drop-ins and appointments for most services, whether you are a regular or a new family. For more information, visit or call 672-9663(WOOF). Canine Cabana is located at 9708 Carr Rd. in Riverview.

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