In 2019, more than 180 business leaders participated in the CEOs in Schools program in Tampa Bay. The event will take place on Friday, February 19 this year.

Tampa Bay area senior executives with a passion for supporting tomorrow’s leaders are invited to volunteer for an entire day at a Hillsborough County public elementary school as part of the innovative, educational program—CEOs in Schools.

On Friday, February 19, nearly 170 CEOs will see, hear and do the things that our public school educators and students experience. CEOs will gain a fresh perspective on the vital role our schools play in preparing young people for success.

Hillsborough Education Foundation, in partnership with Vistra Communications (Vistra) and Hillsborough County Public Schools, is connecting business leaders with the workforce of the future. During the inaugural event in 2019, more than 180 leaders participated, positively impacting schools and thousands of staff, students and families. CEOs are encouraged to participate in this program designed to forge relationships to help strengthen our schools.

“This program strengthens bonds between our public schools and business leaders and gives principals access to senior executives. Together we can maximize student success,” said Hillsborough Education Foundation CEO Kim Jowell. “We are excited about this program and are encouraged by the positive outcomes we have witnessed thus far.”

Brian Butler, president and CEO of Vistra, founded the program in 2019 to encourage business leaders to address challenges and make an impact on our schools.

“Now more than ever our teachers and students need community support from our business partners,” said Butler. “Business leaders provide knowledge, innovative ideas and resources that are key to the success of our schools, principals and students.”

Addison Davis, superintendent of schools for Hillsborough County Public Schools, said, “This incredible initiative has already created important, lasting relationships within our schools. When our educational leaders and CEOs join forces for children, anything is possible. These partnerships can result in solutions that make our entire community stronger as we seek to create a world-class education for all.”

Established in 1987, Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF) is a nonprofit focused on strengthening public education by supporting teachers and empowering students to achieve academic and personal success. Learn more at

For questions about the program, please contact Mike McCollum at 574-0296 or CEOs or most senior executives interested in participating may sign up under the ‘Get Involved’ tab at

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