Kevin Kemp of Lithia recently started Kemp Outside.

By Bob Zoellner

In this age of connections everywhere, many people have become disconnected from one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

The great outdoors.

Kevin Kemp of Lithia hopes to change all that, one person at a time. More specifically, one kid at a time.

The love of the outdoors took Kemp to Purdue University and a degree in wildlife management. That led him to a career as a wildlife biologist, most of that having been spent with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

In 2019, Kemp left his career behind to work full-time in business with his wife, Barb, at Kemp Design Services, but his love for the outdoors never waned.

So now he promotes nature and all of its benefits through Kemp Outside, a website dedicated to camping, fishing, hiking and learning about nature.

His desire is to interest parents into getting their children outside, something Kemp and his wife are very active in doing with their two boys, 16-year-old Garrett and 12-year-old Delaney.

“Garrett likes to camp and hike and Delaney claims he loves to fish, but I think his favorite thing is to ride his bike around the campground,” Kemp said.

The website,, features tips and ideas on camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor cooking, and reviews on gear, as well as links to Kemp’s YouTube channel and a blog.

Kemp is also featured on Let’s Go Campin’, a new outdoor-themed TV show in Indiana produced by a recreational vehicle dealer. He was contacted after doing a campground and site review of Turkey Run State Park. Kemp Outside now provides tips once or twice an episode to encourage outdoor fun.

“After we adopted our sons, we included them on our outdoor adventures,” Kemp said. “It seems people came out of the woodwork to comment on our trips, stating how they wish they could do that with their families but didn’t have the expertise. I want to show people they can do it too.”

“I also worry about generations of people growing up without an appreciation for nature,” he added. “Without appreciation there is no conservation. Hopefully the parents that take their kids outdoors due in part to my videos will end up raising kids who fight to protect wild species and places.”

Kemp still works full-time for the family business, but his passion for the outdoors is never far away. “My hope is that Kemp Outside will grow to be a significant portion of my income, but I do it because I love it.”

To learn more about Kemp Design Services, visit For more information about Kemp Outside, visit

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