Former Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioner Sandra Murman continues to serve the community she loves through her weekly Good Community News newsletter. Additionally, she is involved in numerous organizations.

While former Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioner Sandra Murman is not currently holding public office, she continues to serve the public in several ways. One such way is through the production of her weekly Good Community News newsletter.

Murman emails the newsletter just once per week, except when there is breaking news of which the community needs to be informed. Murman wants members of the community to contribute. She will accept information about events that have broad community interest, including special interest stories about individuals who are making a difference in Hillsborough County.

Murman explained, “I want to highlight things that show the positive impacts that our citizens are and can have on our community. I also want to be able to share important information that others will benefit from knowing. For example, when our community collects donations of toys and clothing for those less fortunate or who are experiencing a crisis or difficulties.”

Murman started the Good Community News newsletter about 10 years ago.

Murman said, “It has proven to be very popular. Many of my friends, colleagues and fellow community advocates have asked me to continue, and I am more than happy to do so.”

You can submit information to Please include your physical address, email address and telephone number.

“This is my direct email, and I will personally read through each and every one of these suggestions,” said Murman.

Muran has a long history of community and public service. She plans to stay active in those roles.

She served two terms as a county commissioner.

“I was gratified to have been twice chosen by my colleagues as its chair. Prior to election to the county commission, I served in the Florida House of Representatives and was the first Republican woman to be speaker pro tempore,” said Murman.

In addition, Murman has been involved in more than 30 organizations that support our community and enhance the lives of children and families.

Murman explained, “I am with Junior Achievement, Tampa Museum of Art, Dress for Success, the Early Learning Coalition and more. I spearheaded the campaign to build the Glazer Children’s Museum and work with children in foster care through the Children’s Home Network, and I am a former Guardian ad Litem.”

As for her future plans, Murman said, “I will never stop being a tireless advocate. It is who I am.”

To sign up to receive the Good Community News newsletter, please email

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