As I began preparing my heart for Easter and the 40 days of Lent, I came across many devotional books that are perfect resources to redirect our focus during this important season. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it truly centers around family and God. As I tried to carve out some quiet time to reflect on the days that led up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, I found myself distracted with the multiple things going through my head. My phone is sitting within reach—maybe I should check my emails first.

Maybe I need to look to make sure I paid that bill. I should text my friend to see how she’s doing. All these things are begging for my attention. Then I realized, this may be similar to how Jesus was feeling with all the commotion surrounding him. He went to clear his mind for 40 days in the wilderness. Even Jesus needed to remove his distractions. We may be overwhelmed, preoccupied or tired—and that’s OK sometimes.

Try to take a few minutes each day during the Lenten season and focus on gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. Clear your mind with these heartfelt devotional books that will guide you by faith and connect you on a remarkable and personal Lenten journey.

Journey to the Cross: 40 Days to Prepare Your Heart For Easter
Edited by Mary Carver

Prepare your heart for Easter with 40 days of encouragement. Scripture, short essays, stories, quotes, questions, reflections and prayers will kindle a spirit of gratitude to the Lord and remove whatever is standing between you and God so that you can fully experience His love. This beautiful coffee table-style book makes a wonderful gift.

Uncovering the Love of Jesus: A Lent Devotional
By Asheritah Ciuciu

Prepare your family spiritually and emotionally to commemorate Jesus’ death and resurrection. Inviting you to reclaim the Lenten season, the 40 Scripture-based reflections help you contemplate, engage with and be transformed by Jesus’ love. It includes family celebrations and activities.

The Promise of Lent Devotional: A 40-day Journey Toward the Miracle of Easter
By Chris Tiegreen

Though Lent is a time of remembering Christ’s sacrifice, it is not a season of sorrow. During this 40-day holy season, we reposition our hearts toward Jesus. Each of the 40 readings is based on a brief biblical passage and is followed by a prayer, reflection questions and thoughts. Learn to grow closer to God daily through each passage.

Daily Guideposts: 40 Devotions for Lent
By Zondervan Publications

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter when we reflect on Jesus’ life and sacrifice, renewing our hearts in remembrance of His Resurrection. This year, experience the love of Christ in a personal new way with this Lenten book drawn from Daily Guideposts, America’s favorite annual devotional. In just five minutes a day, you’ll enjoy a Scripture verse, a personal story and a prayer.

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