The Catholic community of St. Augustine Cathedral, located in Tucson, Arizona, honors St. Augustine of Hippo. Augustine is the patron saint of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.

Catholic believers pray for the intercession of the saints in heaven so that they may pray for us on our behalf. Saints are able to intercede on our behalf and offer up to God the prayers of those on Earth.

Patron saints are recognized as the heavenly advocates and special intercessors for many things, even states. If you want to ask for the special intercession on behalf of your state, do you know who to pray to?

The patron saint for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson in Arizona is St. Augustine of Hippo. St. Augustine of Hippo is also the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a life of sin and worldliness.

Augustine was born in Africa in the year A.D. 354. Unfortunately, he spent many years of his life as a non-Christian. Through the prayers of his holy mother, St. Monica, Augustine finally became convinced that Christianity was the one true religion.

He was baptized, became a priest, a bishop, a famous Catholic writer, a founder of religious priests and one of the greatest saints that ever lived. Augustine supported the poor, preached often and wrote manuscripts up until his death. “Too late have I loved You!” he once cried to God, but he made every attempt to dedicate the remainder of his years in holy service.

Augustine often traveled to churches in the region of North Africa—more than 50 times over the course of the 35 years while he served as bishop. But even these extensive travels, which were difficult for him physically, were modest in comparison with the great amount of writings and sermons that he produced. Augustine wrote more than 200 books and nearly 1,000 sermons, letters and other works.

In the year A.D. 430, Augustine fell ill and died on August 28. His body was laid to rest in Hippo, but was later taken to Sardinia for safe keeping, and finally to Pavia in Northern Italy, where it now rests in the Basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson was established in 1897 and honors St. Augustine of Hippo each year on his feast day, August 28.

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