The children from A Kid’s Place learning all about how to plant fruits and veggies.

By Samantha Trezevant

Childhood is an era of growth and learning in every child. A Kid’s Place ensures that every child it cares for experiences the best learning experience possible. Since 2009, A Kid’s Place has been serving Tampa’s community by touching the lives of over 1,520 children and 665 families through providing a safe haven for foster children as well as an amazing educational program. The newest addition to the organization is a garden.

This garden is rooted in the belief that it is important for every child to learn about the growth of produce. The mission of the garden program is to connect children with nature and promote an understanding of vegetable planting and their role in healthy eating habits. This aids A Kid’s Place’s overall mission of providing a safe, loving and nurturing home for foster children.

It was a special experience for the children; “The kids have been so excited to check the progress of the garden and help take care of it,” according to Laura Herres, kitchen coordinator.

Jeff Krenz, property manager, even said that “There are little tiny blossoms and teeny-tiny tomatoes and peppers already.”

ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association is who made this experience possible, particularly Vanessa and Rene Marquis. Their team graciously provided the supplies and knowledge on how to plant and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

The process allowed the children to explore their inner creative side by personalizing the buckets that their produce was planted in. The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty, and even playing food-themed games. The kids loved this as it actually gave them a chance to play with their food. Soon, they will harvest their own fruits and veggies on harvest day.

You can help support A Kid’s Place by donating to it, hosting a fundraiser, volunteering, hosting a drive and even shopping. To learn more, visit, or visit its Facebook and Twitter pages @AKidsPlaceTB.

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