Dr. Frank Sirchia, MD, a physician of family medicine, has been practicing in Riverview for 26 years and now works with Millennium Physician Group.

Dr. Frank Sirchia, MD, a physician of family medicine at Millennium Physician Group, has been practicing in Riverview for 26 years. He focuses on prevention and chronic disease management and combines cutting-edge medicine and coordination of care with a compassionate approach.

“I put the patient first,” he said. “This is what’s in my heart and what I trained for. It’s why I became a Family Medicine physician.”

Dr. Sirchia treats patients of all ages. In fact, he said he’s treated some local families for five generations.

“The family approach to medicine is all about creating a connection with your patients,” he explained. “When you’re able to create a relationship and build trust over years and generations, it helps achieve an overall sense of well-being for the patient.”

Dr. Sirchia and his medical team pride themselves on providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based, comprehensive medicine and practice preventive care. They emphasize treatment and management of major illnesses like coronary heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, lung disease, cancer and depression.

Acknowledging the grassroots and serving the community in which he proudly lives is at the heart of his approach, said Dr. Sirchia.

“Our expertise has earned the trust of families for 26 years, and we have strong relationships with leading specialists and all major hospitals in the area, including Tampa General Hospital, St. Joseph’s, Brandon and Advent Hospitals. We will efficiently prioritize and respond to any of your medical needs to maximize your health outcome,” he said.

Dr. Sirchia’s vision of patient care includes providing a medical home for his patients, and not just a service.

“My philosophy is to embrace the patient and do everything in my power to improve their daily life and their quality of life,” he said. “That relationship can only be forged from trust and time.”

Dr. Sirchia’s office is accepting new patients, offers same-day appointments and urgent care and can also accommodate walk-ins. He and his team strive to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and wasted emergency room visits.

“Let’s create a strong foundation and get you on the right road,” he said. “Overall well-being is the goal, and I hope my patients feel a lot better on their way out than when they came in.”

He added, “Welcome to our family. It is time to be in your best health. As the physician leader of the Millennium Physician Group in Brandon/Riverview, we are completely committed to your total well-being, and the clinic is now ready to serve you.”

For more information, call 423-7123. The Millennium Physician Group office is located at 6037 Winthrop Commerce Ave., Ste. 210, in Riverview and is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

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