Grit Rambusch is the baking genius behind one of Plant City’s newest delectable treasures, Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus. This little café offers up some of the best baked goods found in the area. After filling up, take a walk across the street and visit the Plant City Photo Archives and History Center.

The historic district of downtown Plant City is a delightful spot that offers so much. There is always something going on, and the area seems to be growing by leaps and bounds with new businesses of all types.

One particular spot, S. Evers St., has seen an explosion of new businesses along other established businesses. In this article, you will meet two—one new and one established.

Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus, located at 113 S. Evers St., is owned and operated by Grit Rambusch. This delightful bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Rambusch is a pastry chef who received her pastry degree in Germany and worked all over Europe, California and South Florida. Before opening the storefront in Plant City, Rambusch sold her products at local farmers markets.

Rambusch said, “I met vendors and customers from Plant City and that is how I learned about it. I looked at several locations in the Lakeland/Tampa area, but I instantly clicked with Plant City. The small-town setting appealed to me immediately, since I was looking for something with character.”

Rambusch added, “S. Evers St. is right in the middle of the historic downtown Plant City. It is unique to find an area like this nowadays, especially in Florida. I love that it is so walkable and charming. We have great independently run businesses all over downtown. The small business community is very supportive of each other, and the City of Plant City offered a great program to help me open my store.”

Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus is not your typical German bakery. Rambusch explained, “We offer a few breads and rolls, but our main focus is on great German and European pastry making (sweet and savory). We use all-natural ingredients; less sugar but plenty of fresh produce.”

Rambusch said, “We are basically a live baking store. You will see me prepping and baking when you visit us. That way you can enjoy great smells as well. We do take orders but require at least 48 business hours advance notice. I do all the produce shopping myself to ensure we can incorporate the best available quality in our baking.”

In addition to fantastic baked goods, the bakery serves a delicious Austrian coffee brand, Julius Meinl, from Vienna. Rambusch said, “Our guests can sit inside our little store and spend quality time eating, drinking and talking.”

After you have a chance to have one of Rambusch’s delectable treats, walk across the street and check out the Plant City Photo Archives and History Center located at 106 S. Evers St. The Photo Archives has been open since 2009. Gil Gott is the executive director.

Gott said, “The Evers Street Cultural District is growing alongside McCall Park and the vibrant Plant City’s historic downtown. The area features a wine bar, craft beer purveyor, bakery, café, used bookstore, history center and more, all in a friendly setting. It is the place to be, right here in Plant City.”

Gott added, “It is all about making downtown Plant City the place to be. Most people feel like they have to travel outside of Plant City, to places like Tampa or Lakeland, for a night out or a good time. With the opening of these businesses on Evers St., we can show people that the place to be is right here in Plant City.”

For more information on Crumbles & Cream Kaffeehaus, please follow it on Facebook @crumblesandcream.

For more information on the Plant City Photo Archives and History Center, please visit

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