The month of June marks the end of the school year, the beginning of summer and also a very special day to celebrate our dads—Father’s Day. This year, Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 20. Although this day is celebratory and joyous for many families, it can be a difficult day for those who may no longer have their father with them.

According to the Census Bureau, there are more than 19 million children that live without a father in their home. In addition, many people may have had fathers that did not nurture, love and cherish them the way God has commanded. If this is something you’re going through, you are not alone. Countless people have had strained, troubled and broken relationships with their fathers.

You may choose to recognize this day by honoring other father figures that stepped in to fill the gap—whether it be a grandfather, neighbor, mentor, teacher or uncle. Also, the most loving father—God—is always omnipresent and loves us unconditionally.

In 2 Corinthians 6:18, we learn, “‘And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Have a blessed Father’s Day, and enjoy the unending love of our Father God.

Hugs for Dad: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire
By John William Smith

Each part of this book is chosen to inspire and encourage Dad in his life. Fascinating stories by the beloved author, personalized scriptures, uplifting quotes by various well-known people and powerful messages by an ‘anonymous disciple’ come together to form enduring hugs that will warm Dad’s heart.

The Heart of a Dad: A Faith Based Approach to Parenting
By George Gibbs II

This book is an unfinished story of the journey of a dad who attempted to practice parenting through the grid of biblical Christianity. It is a story about a young man who came out of a fractured and semi-dysfunctional upbringing and discovered a path to functional parenting. The author challenges dads to maintain strong, vibrant relationships with their children.

The Dad Book
By Jay Payleitner

From a veteran ‘Dadmeister’ of five grown kids comes a handy, humorous volume of bite-sized readings to help you rise above the fray. Get man-to-man advice on how to engage your kids, pick-me-up reminders that God is parenting in the trenches with you, tips for teaching children by showing instead of telling and other practical helps for dads.

30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children
By John Trent

Based on the book The Blessing, this Bible-based, practical book encourages fathers to be a blessing to their children in meaningful, easy and affordable ways. Here, Dr. John Trent dives into the practical and biblically-based attitudes and actions necessary for positive relationships within a family.

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