Dr. Kalyim A. Islam continues to encourage young leaders and help them reach their full potential.

By Meghan Reyes

Attention emerging leaders who want to improve and develop leadership abilities, Dr. Kaliym A. Islam has a new book for you.

Dr. Islam’s new book, The 12 Inch Rule of Leadership: Proven Strategies for Career Success, shares tips and tricks for succeeding in any career field and features stories from leaders in manufacturing, financial services, government, education, entrepreneurship and ministry who have applied the rule to their life.

“I was in a college fraternity,” Dr. Islam said. “We had to learn a whole bunch of things to get in. One of the things we had to learn was the 12-Inch Rule.”

Dr. Islam has seen people of many backgrounds, from a college professor to an airman in the military. He has assisted thousands of emerging leaders in reaching their potential and communicating their value. He has also been the author and co-author of seven additional books and plans to continue writing.

“I found that the people who were able to memorize these rules had a steeper career trajectory than the ones who didn’t,” Dr. Islam said.

He began researching with a qualitative phenomenological study, in which individuals from similar backgrounds are interviewed. The interviews turned from a purely academic study to a fully published book. Each chapter is dedicated to each principle of the 12-Inch Rule and opens with Dr. Islam’s experience with using the strategies. Throughout the book, Dr. Islam talks to a multitude of people about their experience with the rule.

“The book is almost like an instruction manual on how to be a good leader,” Dr. Islam said.

Dr. Islam described the 12-Inch Rule to be a framework of ideas, rather than a concrete system. He explained that across many different career fields, this framework of ideas can apply to anybody’s career journey.

“One of the things that really excites me about this book is that anybody can apply these principles to their life,” Dr. Islam said.

The 12 Inch Rule of Leadership: Proven Strategies for Career Success can be purchased on Amazon or thetrainingproacademy.com and will soon be available in local Barnes & Noble retail stores.

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