Shannon Carlton has decided to sell all of her belongings and travel the country.

By Pauline Derry

For most, the idea of selling all your belongings and traveling around the country with just the company of your dog seems out of touch with reality. However, this is furthest from the truth for Shannon Carlton.

As a resident of the Bloomingdale community for 24 years, Carlton has made a name for herself as a successful business owner, author and mother of two daughters.

Around a year ago, Carlton realized that this chapter of her life was ending. Once her youngest goes off to college, she will be an empty nester. An experience she has yet to navigate as she has been raising kids for the last 21 years.

As someone in good health, single and full of wanderlust, Carlton has decided to sell everything, including her house, and go on a yearlong road trip across the country staying in monthlong Airbnbs where she will have the opportunity to make new connections and live like the locals.

Starting in August of this year, Carlton will go up to Tallahassee to drop off her youngest at Florida State University. After helping her settle in, she will take off for her adventure.

Her first stop is Chattanooga, Tennessee and from there will travel up the Northeast to see the changing leaves during the fall and then move towards the west during the winter to hopefully avoid the snow.

“I’m closing one chapter of my life to open another which is always difficult but I’m ready,” said Carlton.

“It is heartbreaking but wonderful,” she added.

While on the road, besides immersing herself in local culture, exploring new cities and trying new activities, Carlton will be working as a small business consultant and starting a blog about the places she is traveling to and the things she’s doing.

After her adventure ends, Carlton will be returning to the Sunshine State where she will stay in a few more Airbnbs in the Tampa Bay area to see if it is where she wants to continue this next chapter of her life.

To stay updated with Carlton’s travels, visit her blog at

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