Nancy Millan is honored to have been elected this past year. She worked at the office for over thirty years. She is committed to bringing first-class service to you, your families and your businesses.

Nancy Millan is the tax collector for Hillsborough County. Millan was elected in 2020 after having worked in the office for 30 years. Every resident must interact with the tax collector in one way or another. Here are some things you should know about Millan and her office.

In simple terms, the tax collector is responsible for collecting and distributing local property, tangible, business and tourist development taxes. In addition, they process vehicle and boat titles, renew motor vehicle, vessel and mobile home registrations, road testing and driver license issuance.

Millan explained, “We are the welcome mat when you move to Hillsborough County. Every person must come to our office to get a driver license or register their vehicle. If you own a business or real estate you pay your taxes through our offices. The fees we collect are distributed to fund vital services at local and state levels like schools, libraries and fire. So, we are an integral part of the community.”

Millan added, “We know your time is valuable; that is why many of our services are available online or at kiosks located throughout the county.”

There are a few exceptions that require an in-person visit. These include getting your driver license for the first time and getting or renewing your REAL ID. If you do have to go to the office, remember to save your spot by visiting

Whenever you interact with the tax collector’s office, make sure to have the correct documents. For instance, for a driver license, the federal government’s REAL ID requires a list of documents including birth certificates, social security card, marriage license (if applicable) and two proofs of residency, something that shows your residence in the county, like an electric bill or another statement.

“Since taking office in January of this year, we have been in pandemic mode. Our offices were closed for a few months. While the pandemic brought about many challenges, it also lent itself to many opportunities to streamline processes and improve our online services. My goal is to continue to improve and enhance the online user experience,” said Millan.

“One of my missions as the tax collector is to help educate and inform new residents. We also want to help those who come here from another country with language barriers. There are many misconceptions about what documents are needed. We will partner with the various organizations to provide them with the proper training to make it even easier for them.”

Millan and her staff are here to help. For more information, please visit

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