Micro Zapper Germicidal Unit—The COVID-19 Killer is the brainchild of Leonard Roque, who is an 85-year-old engineer. His machine uses UV light to kill germs and viruses like COVID-19.

Leonard Roque is an engineer who was born in Havana, Cuba 85 years ago. He has always had a thirst for knowledge and has always been trying to look at and decipher the unknown.

“I remember, at age 10, taking apart an old vacuum tube radio and trying to put it back together. Naturally, it never worked again,” Roque said. “I remember crying about it and promising myself that any new project, I will make it work. That was the beginning of my search for knowledge and my vow to never fail again. After all these years, I still thrive to excel.”

Roque’s passion to excel and the recent COVID-19 pandemic led him to create his Micro Zapper Germicidal Unit—The COVID-19 Killer.

“The main purpose behind the design and development of the Micro Zapper unit is to provide a compact, mobile, clean, environmentally safe and effective way to combat and kill all of the different types of pathogens that affect humanity, including the COVID-19 virus,” Roque said. “It was and is the pandemic. I try to keep abreast of most of the new scientific discoveries. A pulsed ultraviolet germicidal unit has been in the market for a number of years with a number of shortcomings amongst them: size, weight, price, availability, low-kill area coverage and high exposure times. So, the need was there for a state-of-the-art unit that is much cheaper, smaller, easier to manufacture and much more germicidal efficient.”

Roque’s research showed the superiority of pulsed UVC systems over CW Mercury systems in achieving the desired six-log kill ratio of microbiota (virus, germs, bacteria, etc.).

“The DNA of these organisms is affected by UV exposure as UV light penetrates the cell wall and rearranges the microorganism’s DNA, preventing reproduction,” Roque said. “An organism that cannot reproduce is considered to be microbiologically dead. The amount of UV light necessary to kill a particular organism is measured in units of millijoules per centimeter square.”

Roque hopes that one day his Micro Zapper will help in the fight to end COVID.

“This is a new unit with limited exposure to the outside world,” Roque said. “My hope is to benefit mankind and help the world to get rid of all pathogens that affect humanity. I also want to leave a legacy to my children and the world.”

If you would like to learn more about Roque’s Micro Zapper Germicidal Unit – The COVID-19 Killer, you can reach out to Roque via email at r2enterprizes@gmail.com.

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