Starting out with the sunflower field.

By Annabelle Caraway

School’s out and summer is at its peak. For those seeking places to check out this summer, Three Son Farms is the perfect place to visit for socially distanced fun with friends and family.

After its annual spring harvest, this family-run strawberry farm decided to grow fields of flowers. This is its first year doing a U-pick field, where people can enjoy the afternoon picking beautiful sunflowers and colorful zinnias.

This farm is cash only, with one sunflower or four zinnias for $1 each.

“The flowers are good for the soil. They also give families something to do after school. Next year, we hope to change up colors and add different types of flowers to the mix. Also, after the summer, we will continue having sunflowers throughout the fall,” said Gerald Williams, one of the owners of Three Son Farms.

Three Son Farms is heavily family-oriented, with sons helping with labor and their mom running the stand. The setup is quick and easy. When you arrive at the farm, you receive a pair of shears and a bucket to carry the picked flowers. Once you’re into the fields, it’s like an adventure—making your own paths and looking out for the perfect flowers to take home.

Along with flower picking, there is a stand where people can buy vegetables and other assorted items produced by the farm. Not only is picking flowers enjoyable, but there are multiple photo opportunities to capture the overall beauty and experience. One of its most unique aspects is the serenity along with it being off the beaten path.

Three Son Farms can be found at 3906 McIntosh Rd. in Dover. Before visiting, check out its Facebook page @ThreeSonFarms for hour specifics.

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