Ke$h Mula started his own record label, Strictly Business Entertainment.

Local rapper/artist/executive producer Ke$h Mula is making waves in the music industry. The Valrico resident just dropped his latest music video for his song “My Year,” which he filmed in Los Angeles.

The Bloomingdale High School graduate dedicated his song to his longtime friend and supporter Jessie Fuhs, who died of brain cancer earlier this year, as well as his friend Chris ‘Juxe.’ His late friends are an added motivation for him to succeed in his career.

“I just want Jessie to know that his legacy continues, no matter what happens,” Mula said. “I am going to make sure that his name lives on, and I want him to know that I love him very much. I just wanted to put their faces in the music video to show how much I care about them and how much I want them to be there with me on my journey.”

Mula started his own record label, Strictly Business Entertainment, and has an album out called 81305. He recorded his first song, “Applying Pressure,” in 2015, but admitted that he didn’t get serious about making music until about two and a half years ago. The album pays homage to the two cities where he is from. Mula, whose family is from Colombia, was born in Miami and grew up in Valrico. The album name is a combination of area codes from Tampa (813) and Miami (305). He is currently working on a new album that he plans on releasing before the end of the year called Hustleonomics.

“My career right now is really about being the best me possible,” said Mula. “When it comes to making music, I don’t lie about anything—everything is real to the core and every song that I make is a part of me, it comes from my soul.”

The rapper has been traveling around the country to cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and New York, working with different artists and producers to gain exposure and grow his audience. He admitted that he has so much left to accomplish and he is hungry to do so. Right now, he isn’t focused on signing or making more money, his main goal is improving his craft.

He credits musicians Lil’ Wayne and Drake as influences on his style of music, word play, creativity and versatility. Every time he has writer’s block, he said, he turns on some Lil’ Wayne to help inspire him as a blueprint for success. He considers himself a student of the game, and understands that he has to study and learn from the best in order to be the best.

Mula is proud of where he came from and incorporates the city of Tampa in every project that he does. In his album 81305, every producer, photographer and videographer that he worked with was from Tampa. He prides himself on working with people from the city and he recognizes all the talent from his hometown. He never forgets where he came from.

“When you are trying to write your story for the world that’s outside looking in, you have to start from the beginning,” said Mula. “I named my album 81305 because those are the roots of where I was born and where I got my main influences from. I appreciate everybody that’s behind me, and I can’t wait to take this thing to the top.”

Ke$h Mula plans on finishing his album by the end of the year and going on tour next year.

His music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Tidal, to name a few.

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