The Osprey Observer 2021 interns completed many published stories this summer. From left to right: Marie Gilmore, Annabelle Caraway, Anika Shah, Meghan Reyes, Debra Garcia, Laura Marzullo and Ariana Pedraza.

By Debra Garcia

Every summer, the Osprey Observer offers internships to local high school and college students into its office to learn newspaper industry works and gain experience as a news reporter. Due to COVID-19, for the second time in a row, the Osprey Observer offered these internships virtually and welcomed eight new members to the team. This summer, the Osprey Observer welcomed Makenzie Atkins, Annabelle Caraway, Pauline Derry, Debra Garcia, Laura Marzullo, Ariana Pedraza, Meghan Reyes and Anika Shah.

Makenzie Atkins – University of South Florida

Atkins is a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in public relations and advertising. Before interning at the Osprey Observer, she has always loved reading and writing but never got a chance to write anything people could read. That is why she wanted to intern at the Osprey Observer.

“Getting experience writing real stories about amazing people was something I really wanted,” said Atkins.

Annabelle Caraway – Riverview High School

Caraway is a junior at Riverview High School who hopes to one day major in journalism when she goes off to college. Caraway wanted to seek an internship at the Osprey Observer as a way to gain experience and exposure to the field.

“I have loved every minute of this internship and am so grateful for the opportunity,” said Caraway.

Pauline Derry – Suffolk University

Derry is a virtual sophomore at Suffolk University in Boston and hopes to major in psychology and minor in either criminal justice or political science. In order to investigate her interest in the journalism field, Derry thought an internship at the local newspaper was a great thing to do this summer.

“I thought an internship at the Osprey Observer was a perfect way to dip my toes into the world of journalism,” said Derry.

Debra Garcia – Newsome High School

Garcia is a senior at Newsome High School who is determined to go to the University of Florida and major in journalism. Since she was a kid, Garcia knew she wanted to pursue journalism and did everything she could to make that happen. She took classes at school and worked at her high school newspaper. So naturally, she wanted to take up an internship at the Osprey Observer to gain experience and knowledge on the journalism world.

“I knew this opportunity was a perfect way to gain the proper skills I needed to pursue my career,” said Garcia.

Laura Marzullo – Durant High School

Marzullo is a senior at Durant High School and one day wishes to major in journalism and minor in writing when she goes off to college. Inspired to become an intern by one of last summer’s interns, Lily Belcher, Marzullo wanted to enhance her journalistic writing skills and follow in her friend’s footsteps.

“She is a friend of mine and is a bright young woman. Therefore, I knew I would be able to shine the same way she did,” said Marzullo.

Ariana Pedraza – Newsome High School

Pedraza is a sophomore at Newsome High School who, once she graduates, wants to attend the University of Florida and major in political science and English. Thinking about her interest in journalism, Pedraza became an intern to pursue a possibility in her future.

“I wanted to feel what it was like and learn more about the field. Luckily, I still love it,” said Pedraza.

Meghan Reyes – Newsome High School

Reyes is a junior at Newsome High School and according to her plan, she will go to the University of Tampa after high school, major in journalism and minor in education. She, too, wanted to join the Osprey Observer to gain experience in the journalism field, as she has only worked for her school newspaper in the past.

“I plan on being a journalist full time after college; this internship was the first stepping stone into my career path,” said Reyes.

Anika Shah – Newsome High School

Shah is a senior at Newsome High School and plans to double major in either computer science or engineering and business. She had always had a love for the power of communication and how information could change someone’s opinion on a subject. So, she wanted to use an internship at the Osprey Observer as an opportunity to explore that.

“The internship has really opened my eyes to so many things going on in the community that I didn’t know about previously. I am really glad that I got to learn and shine a light on important issues,” said Shah.

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