There are many opportunities for Hillsborough County residents to volunteer their skills and knowledge by serving on county boards and councils.

By Brad Stager

Hillsborough County residents from a wide variety of professional backgrounds or personal experiences and interests are needed to serve on advisory boards and councils that support county government programs and operations.

The expertise among residents that the county needs for the advisory boards ranges from knowledge of real estate and zoning requirements to tourism. Some boards require experience in a particular technical field such as architecture or construction trade like plumbing. Licensing or certification of professional credentials may also be required, as well as financial disclosures and background checks in some instances. The volunteer advisory board and council positions are unpaid.

Luann Finley, director of board services and board records for Hillsborough County, said there are some basic requirements for all applicants and that their community spirit is valued.

“Citizens must be residents of and registered to vote in Hillsborough County. They also must meet the requirements of the board they apply for,” Finley wrote in an email. “Hillsborough County greatly appreciates every citizen who applies to these boards and councils, as they are willing to provide an invaluable service to their community.”

Openings and opportunities to serve on the various boards and councils periodically occur as vacancies arise through resignations or expiration of appointments.

As we went to press, Hillsborough County was seeking volunteers for the following positions, with a Tuesday, September 21 close-of-business application deadline: the Cross Connection Backflow and Control Board; Building Board of Adjustment, Appeals and Examiners; Child Care Licensing Hearing Officer; Electrical Board of Adjustment, Appeals and Examiners; Health Care Advisory Board; Historic Resources Review Board; Land Use Appeals Board; Mechanical Board of Adjustment, Appeals and Examiners; as well as Plumbing and Gas Board Of Adjustment, Appeals and Examiners.

Other boards and councils that frequently have openings for volunteers include the Agriculture Economic Development Council, Council on Aging, Emergency Medical Planning Council, Public Art Committee and the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board, among many others.

You can find a complete list of boards and councils and which ones have current openings, as well as specific requirements, by visiting and going to the boards and councils forms page.

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