Dr. Dean Scott currently has 10 books available that are all written and illustrated by him, and he is excited to keep writing more.

By Makenzie Atkins

A local vet at the Animal Clinic of Brandon uses his experience to write and illustrate his own books.

Originally from Orlando, Dr. Dean Scott has settled in Brandon with over 35 years of vet experience and now practices small animal medicine while writing and illustrating books. Scott has 10 books, most of which draw from his background with animals.

His books range from humorous tellings of what it’s like to become a vet (Vet School Survival Guide) to children’s books (Cowabunga) to fiction books (Something For Everyone). Using his real-life experience to create detailed books, Scott writes books about animals like no other.

Scott graduated from Arizona State University in 1987 and then from the University of California Davis Veterinary School in 1993 with his degree of veterinary medicine (DVM). He was then in the Army Veterinary Corps for five years stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. He has worked at the Animal Clinic of Brandon full time since 1996 but was continuing to be a part-time vet at MacDill Air Force Base up until last year.

During his many years of being in the veterinary field, Scott found that a little humor is what they all needed. To give all those in the field some extra enjoyment, Scott likes to add at least a little bit of humor into most of his books. Through cartoon drawings, Scott cracks jokes that are relatable to anyone in the veterinary field.

“Cartooning began for me before vet school—was my therapy through vet school,” said Scott, “and I found that the veterinary field needed more shared humor.”

Scott has nearly 2,000 cartoons and is constantly creating more. He offers his designs on a CafePress webpage for purchase on things like T-shirts, stickers and bags. He also does commission work to create cartoons or illustrations, which you can inquire about through his website.

Scott writes and illustrates all his books himself and hopes to not only connect with veterinarians but also everyday animal lovers who may not know much about the field. All his books can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and on Amazon. Keep an eye out next year for more from Scott.

For more information, please email Scott at toonfull@aol.com or visit his website, http://funnyvet.com/, and find his designs at www.cafepress.com/funnyvet.

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