Cyrus Jett Byrd is the first ninth-grade student from Pepin Academies in Riverview to be offered the opportunity to participate in the school’s On The Job Training Program.

Cyrus Jett Byrd is a 14-year-old ninth-grade student at Pepin Academies in Riverview. Byrd is the first ninth-grade student from Pepin Academies to be offered the opportunity to work in the school’s On The Job Training Program.

Byrd attends school for approximately half the day. He then goes to work for KCK Property Management. Byrd earns school credit for hours worked. He earns approximately five hours a week for the On The Job Training Program.

KCK Property Management is owned and operated by Kevin and Katlyn Krueger. The company builds and purchases short term rentals and lists them through AirBNB locally.

Byrd’s mother, Katlyn, explained, “We started this business and Cyrus has been an active part since. He has helped build two rentals, install security systems and make small repairs. He is tasked with the landscaping of all the properties. He is saving his income to purchase his piece of real estate by his 18th birthday.”

Katlyn further explained, “Cyrus is learning tasks such as writing and maintaining profit and loss statements, how to be a successful rental manager/owner and understand business overhead and profit.”

On The Job Training Programs are common across the local school district. John Stansberry, assistant principal for Pepin Academies in Riverview, said, “One thing that sets our campus aside from many is how focused we are at providing specific programs and tracks to meet the unique needs of all our students. We have a very dedicated staff that only wants the best for our students and are always willing to take on anything new if it would provide for a better opportunity.”

Krueger said, “This achievement gives Cyrus great pride. Being a teen with a learning disability who has a difficult time reading and writing independently, coupled with the difficulty of typical academia, makes this achievement one of the biggest milestones ever for Cyrus. Quite honestly, this is something we did not imagine would be in his realm so early on in life. We are very proud of his perseverance and his ability to be such a good student at Pepin Academies and in this On The Job Training Program.”

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