Desiree Parry (right) and her daughter are the owners of a local scent company called The Tulip House.

Did you know that a human’s sense of smell, unlike any of our other senses, is directly linked and intertwined with the processing of emotion and memory? That is why the aroma of a simple summer daisy can remind you of a favorite childhood memory, or why the smell of pine trees reminds you of Christmas.

Riverview mother Desiree Parry is big on family and taking in every bit of beauty life has to offer.

“Whether it’s using a calming scent to refresh a tired spirit or just to take you back to memories of simpler times,” Parry said. “We believe in the power of lovely aromas.”

Parry and her daughter are the owners of a local scent company called The Tulip House.

“Our mission is to bottle up inspiring scents and bring out these moments for our customers without sacrificing great quality or clean ingredients,” Parry said. “We hope our fragrances bring our customers as much joy and relaxation as it brings our family.”

Parry’s daughter was married in 2019, and her wedding theme was lavender.

“We decided on mini lavender scented candles as favors for her guests to take the scent of lavender home and remind them of her celebration when lit,” Parry said. “This sparked a love for candle making together and created a special memory for us.”

Parry enjoyed it so much, The Tulip House was born.

“Interesting fact, my favorite flower is the tulip,” Parry said. “In developing a name for our business, my daughter wanted to incorporate the ‘tulip’; she said it was an ‘ode to her mom.’”

If you ask Parry what she likes most about her business, she’ll tell you it allows her to express her creativity.

“It allows for us to express our creativity both visually and aromatically, to create scents that call to mind some of life’s best experiences for both us and our customers,” Parry said. “Candles are a staple of self-care. As such, we enjoy bringing the gift of relaxation and aromatherapy to people.”

Keeping things local is important to Parry.

“Keeping it local and supporting our fellow small business owners is important to us,” Parry said. “We seek out opportunities to purchase from and promote local small businesses whenever possible. As a small business owner, we value the time, effort and attention it takes to create a quality product for our community. Strong, local small businesses create strong communities.”

If you would like to learn more about The Tulip House, visit

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