Elijah Heath, president of Heath Wealth Management, LLC and an LPL financial planner.

For more than 20 years, Heath Wealth Management, LLC, located in Brandon, has helped provide families the opportunity to make smart financial decisions to achieve their most important goals financially. In addition, Health Wealth Management, LLC also continues to partner with its clients to help achieve these goals with a personalized strategy utilizing its established process that the company has refined over the years.

In August 2019, Heath Wealth Management, LLC became established. Elijah Heath, who is the president of Heath Wealth Management, LLC and a LPL financial planner, had been serving his clients since 1999, which includes 15 years at Edward Jones. The focus of Heath Wealth Management, LLC would be to provide financial advice to the Greater Tampa Bay region with a special passion for the residents of the Valrico and FishHawk communities.

Heath explained why he founded Heath Wealth Management, LLC.

“I saw a need within the community that I could fill,” Heath said.

The types of services offered here include financial planning, wealth management, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning, tax planning and much more. An array of products can also be found here, such as bonds, stocks, life insurance, annuities and more. Heath Wealth Management, LLC’s goal would be to provide superior client service, sound investment and wealth advice.

For example, Heath mentioned that many investors make a New Year’s commitment to get their finances in order or to set financial goals for the year and so forth can receive a second opinion at Heath Wealth Management, LLC at no charge. To add, Heath also stated that people do have a short period if they decide to contribute for the 2021 tax year before one loses the ability to do that, in reference to those inquiring if they should contribute to their IRA or Roth IRA. This is a complimentary consultation as well.

“All in all, if someone has recently retired or considering it, they should take advantage of our complimentary consultation,” Heath said.

For more information, visit https://www.heathwealth.com. It is located at 620 E. Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon. Call 556-7171.

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