Dr. J. Shannon Eads and his family are all passionate about showing others the love God has to give.

By Makenzie Atkins

A local pastor and community leader talks to fathers all around through his new book, Winning the Fatherhood Game: A Playbook for the Five Scores that Matter.

Dr. J. Shannon Eads wrote his book in five parts: past, present, potential, permeant and perfect. As you go through the chapters, Eads helps men deal with their past trauma so they can live in the present with their families, find their potential goals and what they want next, come to God to be saved forever and, finally, learn about the perfect score, which you can only receive in heaven and is something we can’t imagine. Throughout the book, Eads also offers short Bible study-style questions and references to other books that will help men with each of the five scores.

Eads relates his faith to his love for sports in order to minister to men having trouble connecting with their faith and give them a ‘playbook for fatherhood.’

It is not only fathers who will be able to take a lesson from his book; Eads said that all men can learn and grow by working through each of the five scores. Even women who read his book will benefit from it by gaining a better understanding of how they can help their husbands work on fatherhood through faith.

After being unexpectedly diagnosed with stage three cancer, Eads asked God to help him find what was next for him. Clear as ever, he heard God tell him that it is time to minister to men on a larger platform. After praying more, he knew God wanted him to write a book that was not only for fathers but also his sons.

“I’m talking to the audience while I’m bringing my boys, one in each hand, through the book,” said Eads, “because what I say to them is, whether I’m here or not, if cancer takes me, then my score has been settled.”

Eads wants every man to know that it’s not too late to get into the game of fatherhood. As many churches are lacking amazing men ministries, he hopes to be able to use his new book and website to help churches around the country offer men a chance to come together.

The book became available for purchase from Amazon on December 1, as well as a brand-new website that helps men strengthen their faith.

For more information, to find the book on Amazon or to visit the new website, go to https://www.ministryformen.com/.

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