Campo Family YMCA offers many programs for area residents, including the Silver Sneakers program, which is designed to keep seniors over 65 healthy, active and provide a social support network.

Everyone knows that staying healthy and active can lead to a happy and productive life. Staying active is especially important for seniors. To help with this, the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA began offering the Silver Sneakers program many years ago. Locally, seniors can participate in the Silver Sneakers program at the Campo Family YMCA.

Noah Fox is the wellness director for the Campo Family YMCA.

Fox said, “Silver Sneakers helps participants work on cardiovascular health, strength and toning, and balance for prevention of falls. Participating in the group exercise format is a perfect way to meet and make new friends maintaining a social support system.”

Fox added, “Anyone can join the classes, but the typical age is 65 and older. Classes are included with a YMCA membership. For some individuals 65 and over, their health insurance company may offer a Silver Sneakers Membership. It is definitely worth it to call your insurance company to find out.”

The Silver Sneakers program has class options during Monday through Friday mornings. There are also opportunities for Lunch and Learn and games and activities.

Silver Sneakers classes do not require a reservation. Simply show up at the time listed on the website or schedule that you would like to try and the YMCA’s friendly and knowledgeable instructors will be happy to help you get set up.

Fox said, “The purpose of Silver Sneakers is to keep older adults fit and active while providing a supportive and fun social environment to do so.” Silver Sneakers classes are approximately 55 minutes.

Fox has been the wellness director at the Campo Family YMCA for four months. He is responsible for overseeing the wellness floor, group exercise, senior fitness and personal training operations at the Campo YMCA.

Fox said, “We have a great group of supportive members and staff who would love to welcome you in to the Campo YMCA family. There is a class or program for anyone from yoga and water aerobics, to pickleball and personal training. Come in for a tour anytime and we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have.”

For more information on the Silver Sneakers program and to see the class schedule, please visit

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