Shah Bobonis fought in the UFC before joining the Tony Baroni Real Estate Team.

By Lily Belcher

Tony Baroni, local real estate agent for Keller Williams, is the CEO of his team, managing his group of buyers and sellers that guide customers through the real estate market.

“The Promise means that we will deliver the best service you could ever imagine receiving. That everyone on our team will be focused and care about your needs as if you were our only client,” according to their website. “That we will anticipate challenges and get ahead of it so we can stop any surprises. The Tony Baroni Team are focused on making this a five-star experience that exceeds all your expectations.”

One of Baroni’s team members is former UFC fighter Shah Bobonis. Bobonis’ path to the real estate field was anything but typical. The 43-year-old was drafted by the Seattle Mariners to play baseball out of high school. While he enjoyed baseball, he found his passion in boxing and fighting after college.

“There’s really nobody to blame but yourself,” Bobonis said about fighting. “Ultimately, the battle goes through you. You get all the praise, or all the backlash, and I like that type of pressure.”

He fought in Costa Rica professionally in the early 2000s after meeting Jorge Masvidal at his boxing gym. Masvidal encouraged Bobonis to try a local MMA gym and Bobonis immediately quit boxing to pursue MMA fighting.

After he was done fighting professionally, he started coaching young fighters, such as Chris Barnette.

“Now that I’m coaching, it is just as fulfilling as when I was fighting,” said Bobonis.

While he continued to fight and stay active outside a professional fighting rink, he joined Baroni’s team. He chose the real estate business because he had some sales experience through working at his gym and even managing a P.F. Chang’s out of college.

“Tony [Baroni], by far, is the most fair boss I’ve ever had across the board in any industry. He sets expectations and it is up to you. Kind of like fighting, it’s up to you to sink or swim,” said Bobonis.

For more information on Baroni’s team, visit or call 866-965-5603.

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