The whole Shue family loves life on the farm. Josh, Gunnar and Baylee help out every day.

Meg Shue and her family started Black Rock Farms in Dover back in 2019 to create a hands-on learning environment for their kids, now they want to share that experience with others through farm tours.

There will be three types of tours depending on the time of year and will include things like feeding baby goats and other animals, milking goats, egg collecting and even s’more roasting over a black rock fire pit. Throughout the tours, guests are welcome to ask questions and learn all about what it is like to run a small farm.

Black Rock Farms has seven different types of animals: one horse, one livestock dog, six goats, lots of chickens, one pig, one bunny and many fish in the pond, all of which you get to interact with or see on the farm when you take a hands-on tour.

When the family moved to their new farm, it needed some serious rehab. As they began cleaning up and fixing the space, they found large rocks everywhere. More would come out of the dirt every time it rained, and they were left with dozens of rocks. After being unsure for a while of what to do with them, they decided to create a black rock fire pit, which you can now roast marshmallows at after your tour. This is the story of how the name Black Rock Farms was born.

“In 2017, our lives were rattled; I was assaulted and developed PTSD. Not only was I affected by the experience, but so were my kids,” said Meg, owner of Black Rock Farms, “My love for animals grew, they understood me and our kids’ anxieties. So, in 2019 we decided to grow our farm by welcoming all kinds of animals that we could love on.”

The whole family loves to be a part of the farm and each family member has their role. Zach Shue, Meg’s husband, does all the building. Josh, their oldest son, handles all the cleaning. Gunnar, their 8-year-old, oversees the bathing of the animals. Baylee, their 7-year-old, is the egg collector and washer, and she also loves to help her mom handle the baby animals. Finally, with Meg’s background in wound care, she deals with any animal ailments.

To learn more or schedule a tour, please visit the Black Rock Farms’ Facebook page at

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